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The Agile Working Event: A Brand New one-day Conference

The world of work as we know it is changing. Where, when and how we work and communicate are all questions that are being asked by workforces across the globe and as a result organisations of all sizes are entering a period of significant change as they prepare for the future of work.

The Agile Working Event sponsored by The Agile

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Corporate culture is the Lynchpin for Success or Failure

Stuck in the middle of a chain re-action – Guest Post by Richie Maddock

One Friday afternoon, the Chief Executive of a large local authority in the UK decided he would take a wander around the building to ‘meet the troops’. He knew things had been tough recently thanks to central government cuts to funding and the need to reduce

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Spaceless Growth – hidden opportunity

Growth is now on the agenda for many organisations, but this is not growth at any cost. For some the focus is still on retrenchment and cost cutting remains a key focus. Whether the organisation is expanding, contracting or striving to maintain the “status quo” its workspace should reflect actual need, operate at peak efficiency supporting the workforce and its workstyles in

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The Place of “Workstyle” in Office Development

The key role of office property is to support an organisation and its people in the activity of work. The office is not the only place of work and although it is often seen as the hub for many organisations, its role is changing as technology enables and financial strictures demand new ways of working.

Many public and private Corporations are

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Who Needs Offices? Downsizing in a downsized World

Over the past several years the news media has been full of stories about spending cuts and their impact on employment and services. Cuts continue in some sectors despite an increasingly healthier growing economy with headlines still highlighting job cut threats – many in administrative, support and back office functions. From new government announcements it is clear that cuts are continuing to lead directly and indirectly to

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SUSTAIN agility: driver for change

UK workers on average spend the equivalent of a day every fortnight travelling to and from work. Some 25 million commuters go to a fixed place of work every day and of these 18 million go by car, compressed into a few hours in the morning and evening rush hours.  Annual UK Office commuting alone produces 19.7 million tonnes of CO2 emission, while

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