Implementing Agile

Implementing Agile is a Commercial and Cultural Imperative

Becoming an agile organisation is increasingly a commercial driver in today’s digital economy. However, for many this means the development of a new and unfamiliar operating model requiring new mindsets, skills, behaviours and culture both within the organisation and its supporting supply chain. Implementing agile is now a necessary commercial and cultural imperative for business…

who needs offices

Who Needs Offices? Downsizing in a downsized World

Over the past several years the news media has been full of stories about spending cuts and their impact on employment and services. Cuts continue in some sectors despite an increasingly healthier growing economy with headlines still highlighting job cut threats – many in administrative, support and back office functions. From new government announcements it is clear that cuts are continuing…

agile working more with less

Agile Working – more with less

While growth has returned to the world economy, the situation remains volatile and certainly much less predictable. As such minds are focused on the need to do more with much less. “ Slash and burn” is no longer the immediate option for organisations, but budgets are still fettered for the private and particularly the public sector. Attention therefore is focused on the continuing search…


The Agile Agenda

Much is spoken and written about agile and the need for organisations to embrace agility. Agile is no longer a buzzword. There is increasing widespread realisation that agile is a business “must do” priority that has real value. It appears in many vision and value statements, but many organisations are struggling with the concept and…